Chiesetta di Rebibbia is a mid 20th century public chapel at Via Giovanni Tagliere 1, in the suburb of Rebibbia in the Ponte Mammolo quarter. This is next to the Piazza Lino Ferriani.

The dedication is to Pope St Gelasius I (apparently).

History Edit

When the parish of San Gelasio I Papa was set up in 1972, it began worshipping in what is one of the older buildings in the suburb. This was a farmhouse before development took place.

A very simple little church was provided, but was grossly inadequate and was replaced with a permanent building. However, because this is not very near the Chiesetta has been kept as an external Mass centre.

Appearance Edit

This is a very straightforward brick box with a flat roof, rendered in white with a hit of yellow and with a dado wall in random tufo blocks. There is a single doorway, and three horizontal rectangular windows in the left hand side wall which faces the piazza. Over the far left hand corner is a single bell in a small metal cage.

That is it.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated on weekdays at 17:30 and Sundays at 9:00, but the church is closed in July and August.

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