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The ancient boundary between the dioceses of Rome and Porto Santa Rufina was the Tiber, with the Isola, Trastevere and the Vatican in the latter.

After boundary adjustments continuing into the 20th century, the present boundary follows the Tiber from its mouth to the Grande Raccordo Anulare, then clockwise along that road until before the suburb of Labaro where it heads north to the city boundary.

The following zones of the city are in the diocese of Porto Santa Rufina, not in that of Rome:

Cesano, Isola Farnese, La Giustiniana, La Storta, Santa Maria di Galeria, Casalotti, Castel di Guido, Ponte Galeria.

The zone of Poline Matignano, which is an exclave of the city, contains no churches or chapels.

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