Catacomba di Santa Felicola is an obscure set of lost catacombs on the Via Ardeatina, known to have been at the seventh milestone.

The martyr St Felicula is now listed by the revised Roman martyrology (2001) as possibly having been martyred in the early 4th century. She was morphed into a character featuring in the mediaeval legend of St Petronilla, which is completely fictional and is based in the 1st century.

The place of her burial was probably a monastery in the early mediaeval period, as pilgrims visiting her shrine from the city would have needed to stay overnight.

The exact location has never been traced, but a suburb called Mulino di Santa Felicola preserves her memory. The main street here is the Via di San Felicola. It is just south of the junction of the Via Ardeatina with the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Circonvallazione Meridionale), and is in the Castel di Leva zone. The local parish is Santa Maria del Divino Amore a Castel di Leva.

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