Cappella di Villa San Giuseppe is a mid 20th century convent chapel at Via Portuense 746 in the Gianicolense suburban zone. The locality is called Corviale.

History Edit

The chapel belongs to the convent headquarters of the Italian province of the Society of St Paul, and by the look of it was erected in the Fifties.

Exterior Edit

Layout and fabric Edit

The chapel is invisible from the street, since the convent is up a fairly long drive. The address is now shared by a couple of care homes for the elderly, and the overall layout is rather messy.

The edifice is rectangular, in creamy white concrete with a pitched roof in grey composition. It seems to stand over a crypt, and is inserted perpendicularly into the front wing of the convent complex.

The side walls have tall narrow rectangular slit windows. The sanctuary, which is abutted by slightly lower flat-roofed ancillary accommodation on all sides, is a semi-circular apse as wide as the nave with its own low half-cone pitched roof less elevated than the pitched nave roof. The apse wall above the sacristy block has a continuous row of short vertical rectangular windows.

The back part of the apse consists of a straight wall, breaking the curve. This has five of the windows just mentioned, and on it stands the campanile. This is formed of a longitudinal row of three tall arches in white concrete, the middle one being higher. These lack decoration.

Façade Edit

The façade is mostly blank. There is a large, deep vertical rectangular niche in its centre, framed by two slab piers inserted into its sides and which have their narrow outer faces slightly sunk. The niche contains a large vertical rectangular window with a proud frame.

Above this, at the level of the side rooflines, are eleven vertical rectangular recessed panels, each with a little window at its top.

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