Cappella delle Suore di Nostra Signora della Compassione is a mid 20th century convent chapel at Via di Bravetta 587 in the Gianicolense suburban district.

History Edit

The "Sisters of Our Lady of Compassion" (Soeurs de Notre-Dame della Compassion) are an active sisterhood with an emphasis on nursing, and were founded at Marseille in France in 1843. The founder was a Jesuit priest, Jean-François Barthès.

Unlike many other such congregations in the mid 20th century, this one chose to keep its Generalate (headquarters) in its city of foundation instead of moving it to Rome. However, it did open a convent at Rome as a Casa di Procura in order to facilitate contacts with the Roman Curia.

The congregation also runs a students' hostel, at Via degli Orti di Galba 13, but its continued presence in Rome seems to be under review owing to a decline in the number of sisters. The Diocese lists only 45 in eight convents, which must mean that the congregation's long-term future is very uncertain.

Appearance Edit

The convent is an ugly three-storey flat-roofed villa, in greyish white render and lacking decorative features. It is at the end of a fairly long drive through a large garden.

The frontage steps back vertically from the left in three planes, and the chapel occupies the range behind the left hand façade. Oddly, this frontage is provided with a false pediment -presumably to advertise the presence of the chapel which is in the second storey here.

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