Cappella della Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell’Educazione Auxilium is a later 20th century college and public chapel at Via Cremolino 141. This is in the Casalotti zone.

The chapel is in the municipality, but belongs to the diocese of Porto Santa Rufina.

History Edit

The Pontificia facoltà di scienze dell'educazione Auxilium was founded in Turin in 1970 as a tertiary educational institute specialising in science and technology. It was an outreach of the Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice, part of the Salesian family of religious.

The faculty moved to Rome in 1978, and remains in the charge of the Figlie.

The local parish of Natività di Maria Santissima, the main church of which is Santi Martiri di Selva Candida, has access to the parish as a public Mass centre.

Appearance Edit

The chapel has no separate architectural identity.

Its major interest lies in the Centro Aletti mosaic on the far wall of the sanctuary, which depicts The Marriage of Cana. This is by Marco Ivan Rupnik, and demonstrates the neo-Byzantine style which is characteristic of him. The work contains a portrait of St Maria Domenica Mazzarello, the founder of the Figlie.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated publicly at 11:00 on Sundays and Solemnities only (parish website, July 2018).

Other liturgical events, unless advertised to be otherwise, are private.

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