Cappella della Facoltà di Architettura Valle Giulia is an earlier 20th century Fascist-era college chapel at Via Antonio Gramsci 53 in the Pinciano quarter.

History Edit

The Regia Scuola Superiore di Architettura was founded in 1919, but had to wait some time to obtain a permanent home. The project for this was mooted in 1925, but only implemented in 1930. The architect was Enrico Del Debbio, who designed a U-shaped building of three wings.

The premises proved inadequate straight away, and the same architect provided an extension between 1932 and 1935. According to info.roma, this was when the chapel was built.

The Scuola is now part of the architecture department of La Sapienza University.

Appearance Edit

The original edifice is an attractive three-storey composition, rendered in red and with pitched and tiled roofs. The chapel is an adjunct on a short U-shaped plan, attached to the far right hand corner and extending from the second into the third storey with a further attic storey. The chapel has its own roof, pitched and tiled with a hip at the front end and three triangular sectors for the apse.

The attic storey is separated from the main two storeys by a flat projecting cornice with a deep step. It has three small round windows. The main two storeys are separated by another cornice, on which sits three large rectangular windows.

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