Cappella del Pontficio Collegio Belga is a later 20th century college chapel at Via Giambattista Pagano 35 in the Aurelio suburban district.

History Edit

The Belgian College was founded in 1844, and took over the disused convent of Santi Gioacchino e Anna alle Quattro Fontane, but in 1972 this moved to new purpose-built premises at Via Gianbattista Pagano 35 near the Cornelia metro station in the Aurelio suburban district. The church was closed, and it is now formally deconsecrated.

The new complex is shared with the Generalate of the Brothers of Charity, a Belgian non-clerical congregation specialising in caring for vulnerable male adults.

Appearance Edit

The main premises comprise an offensively ugly multi-storey flat-roofed block, set back diagonally from the street and an egregious example of the "f*** you" school of Modernist architecture unfortunately fashionable in the early Seventies.

The chapel is a separate edifice, joined to the main block by a short flat-roofed corridor and visible from the street gateway. It is very simple, but not insultingly so. The plan is octagonal, and the fabric is a reinforced concrete frame with pink brick infill. The seven walls are blank, except for a thin window strip below the eaves.

Each corner is occupied by two brick piers, concealing support beams and flanking a thin vertical window strip.

The roof is low-pitched, in eight triangular sectors meeting at a turret finial. It is in a greyish-brown composition.

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