Cappella del Casale di Santa Colomba is an 18th century farmstead chapel at Via Salaria 1970. It is the focus of the village of Tenuta Santa Colomba in the Marcigliana zone.

History Edit

The locality is entirely rural, although a little suburb has grown up here. This is named after the original farming estate. The farmstead was rebuilt as a villa in the 18th century, and comprises a stately three-storey block. Unfortunately, it is now sandwiched between a railway and the main road -there is no train station.

The edifice is now an hotel and restaurant called Il Monastero (it never was a monastery).

It is unclear as to whether the chapel here is usable. It seems not to be in use.

Apperarance Edit

The edifice is large, on a rectangular plan, and is in a simple neo-Renaissance style. The walls are rendered in a dull red, with architectural details in white. There is an impressive two-storey entrance prothyrum with its own tiled roof, and this is rendered in puce. It has a pair of gigantic Doric pilasters at the corners, supporting a gable pediment with a broken cornice. A large rectangular window is over the entrance.

The presence of a chapel is advertised by a little campanile or bell-cote perched on the roof of the main building to the right of the prothyrum, which still contains a bell.

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