Cappella del Borgo di Torre Guidaccia is a 19th century farm chapel at Via Clarice Tartufari 2, in the Castel di Decima zone.

The nearest main road is Via di Trigoria.

History Edit

The chapel is listed as 19th century, and looks as if it were built by a private individual. The farmstead is apparently mediaeval in origin, although it does not appear in the usual sources.

The complex is now run as a luxury rural hotel, and caters for weddings (however, the chapel is rather small for the purpose).

Appearance Edit

This is a charming little edifice, very vaguely Gothic in style and definitely an amateur build. It has a rectangular plan, and is in brick with a pitched and tiled roof. The external walls have a grey tufo stone plinth, and are very roughly rendered in a dull reddish colour.

The side walls each have three Gothic (pointed) single-light windows with brick frames which are slightly in relief. There is a segmental apse, with two vertical slit windows.

The roof protrudes over the façade to give a shallow canopy. The single entrance is flanked by a pair of the windows, and has a white limestone tympanum carved in shallow relief.

On the roof at a point over the right hand side of the façade is a very crudely made cement bell-cote or campanile, with a gabled top and a vaguely round-headed aperture for a single bell.

The interior is tiny, all in white. The apse has a simple table altar, with a cross (not a crucifix) behind it in the apse. This makes one think that the chapel is inter-denominational -that is, you can get married here whatever your faith or lack thereof.

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